Country Spring Bottled Water: Stylish Counter Top Models

A splash of good health

Clean...Simple...Smart...ION Water Clean...Simple...Smart...
It's all about clean drinking water. ION transforms ordinary tap water with CarbonPlus™, the latest filtration technology that reduces chlorine, taste, odor, lead, cyst, and more. Bad news for contaminants. Good news for you. After filtering, the exclusive InstaChill™ system instantly chills and dispenses your water.
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Country Spring Bottled Water: Stylish Countertop Models Hot 'N Cold Counter Top
A whole new idea in bottle water coolers. Counter Top Coolers that don't need any floor space! Now, convenience, good taste, and the healthful qualities of bottled water fit anywhere in the home, office, laboratory, or employee lounge. Three models to choose from. Model OCT1H serves 45 cups of piping hot water for coffee, tea, and soups, as well as chilled drinking water.
Country Spring Bottled Water: Stylish Counter Top Models Cook 'N Cold Counter Top
Each cooler may be used with or without a bottle. A lid is provided with each cooler to cover the opening for the bottle and with the WaterGuard system, protects the quality of the water inside the water cooler for better refreshment. Model OCT1K slips easily under wall cabinets when the bottle is removed and serves both chilled drinking water and room temperature bottled water for the best taste in cooking.
Country Spring Bottled Water: Stylish Counter Top Models Cold Counter Top
Model OCT1 dispenses chilled drinking water. It may be used with or without the bottle and fits almost anywhere.
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