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A splash of good health

Home Delivery
Convenient & economical home delivery!
At only pennies a glass, you'll find your family choosing Country Spring water rather than less healthy, more costly alternatives. We can deliver water right to your doorstep and arrange a delivery time that suits your busy schedule. We also understand that schedules need to be adjusted. No problem ... just call and let us know.
Round and Square Hot 'N Cold models
Health & good taste in the workplace
Nothing like a good cup of coffee to bring you back to life. Our hot and cold dispensers are ideal for your break room or employee lounge. Your staff can enjoy a wide variety of instant hot and cold beverages and soups at the push of a button. Ideal for employees who bring their own lunches, or for those who simply prefer a great tasting glass of water.
Our deposit policy
We require a $6.00 deposit on bottles and no deposit on your dispenser. That's a change from standard procedure other companies employ. You'll find our service a little more friendly and a lot more personal. Our staff is courteous, friendly, and pleased to arrange a delivery schedule that suits your needs and appetite for refreshment. Call us today for details.







Convenient & economical home delivery!

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