The WaterGuard System

A splash of good health

Country Spring Bottled Water: WaterGuard System Optional WaterGuard System
Changing water bottles no longer needs to be a messy chore. Our optional waterguard seal effectively eliminates spills when changing bottles. The resealable cap on the bottle has a tamper-evident seal and a valve mechanism which automatically opens only after the bottle is installed on the cooler. When you remove the bottle, the valve reseals so that any remaining water stays in the bottle without spilling.
Country Spring Bottled Water: WaterGuard System How Does It Work?
The funnel system helps guide water bottles precisely onto the constant flow probe for proper engagement. This functional funnel design fits neatly into the top and doesn't detract from the style and shape of your water cooler. All the air entering the sealed system is filtered through a micron filter which is specially designed to exclude airborne particles.







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